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The Center for Applied Nanotechnology offers companies and other institutions bilateral contract R&D services in the area of nanotechnology. Furthermore, CAN GmbH participate in national and international research programs. We focus on the utilization of new concepts in nanochemistry, especially in the fields of material science (components for photovoltaics, fuel cells and display technologies), life science (diagnostic agents) and home & personal care / industry (cosmetics, detergents, specialty polymers).
Our main expertise is the production of various nanoscaled materials like fluorescent, magnetic and catalytically-active nanocrystals. These products are marketed under the brand CANdots® and are dispersible in polar or unpolar media readily available for applications in research and industry.

Fields of Expertise in Nanotechnology

Life Science

Home&Personal Care / Industry

Technical Applications

Nanoparticles in Life Science Applications Nanoparticles and Polymers in Home & Personal Care / Industry Nanoparticles for Technical Applications

Fluorescent, magnetic or plasmonic nanoparticles can be used for various readout methodologies in the area of medicine, diagnostics and life science. Ease of functionalization, variety of applicable biomolecules opens many different scopes of application.
Participitating in various international research projects we are contineously developing new marker materials for these applications.

Innovative solutions and research activities at CAN for direct application to Home&Personal Care / Industry in the fields of cosmetics, cleaners and paints. Our capabilities are polymer design and synthesis, customized polymer applications and formulation into industrial products as well as instrumental analytics. Furthermore our portfolio includes antimicrobial ZnO nanoparticles (doped with Cu or Mg) for use as active ingredient or preservative agent.

Our profound knowledge in nanoparticle synthesis and modification allows for their use in opto-electronic devices. For example, Quantum Dots having an absorption maximum in the NIR are optimized as absorber material in solar cell research, whereas Qdots with bright emission are applied for LED and display applications. Further expertise includes the use of metallic nanoparticles with catalytical properties and rare-earth doped dots as security labels.

CANdots® - Nanoparticles for your Purpose

Quantum Dots - Series A plus

Magnetic Nanoparticles - Series M

Rheology Modifying Polymers

Quantum Dots - Series A plus Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Rheology Modifying Polymers - can-T

We have gained extensive knowledge in the production and modification of various fluorescent quantum dots.
Our CAndots® Series A plus are core/shell quantum dots with an enhanced brightness, stability and processibility for your application. They are available with an emission of 560, 590 and 620 nm, respectively. Please see our website for further materials we offer.

We are selling our magnetic nanoparticles under the label CANdots® Series M. Soluble in unpolar organic or aqueous media these are applicable in more technical applications as well as in the field of life science as MPI or MRI contrast agents.
This product can be delivered in diameters of 4, 12 or 20 nm, respectively. They have a spherical shape and feature a very small size distribution.

CAN’s knowledge in the field of polymer and nanoparticle synthesis, their modification and combination opens up large opportunities for developing special nanoparticle – polymer based systems. Among the synthesis of polymers as thickener systems and nanoparticles with antimicrobial features, we are working out tailor-made solutions for Home&Personal Care / Industry.

Some of our fluorescent products have been made readily available through our global distributor STREM Chemicals. Please visit our website for more information. Using a continuous flow approach for the synthesis we guarantee high reproducibility and enhanced particle properties, like reduced size distribution and higher quantum efficiency. This makes our CANdots highly competitive with other nanoparticles on the market.
Should you need further information or are seeking a customized product please contact us directly under

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